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Spotmarket was challenged by a group of pharmacies in the Lisbon area to create a new brand and online store. The goal was to create a business extension that considered the potential for diversification of the product portfolio beyond “pharmacy” categories while still maintaining a visual connection to the original brand.

A new E-commerce for Health and Beauty


Wayfarma’s branding process took into account the desired positioning of the brand in the market as well as respect for the original image of the group. Another important factor when designing a brand of digital nature is to adapt and vary it to the different formats of the various channels where it will be represented such as website, social networks, emails, etc.

After studies, tests and some iterations between the parties, a modern graphic identity emerged, appealing and quite flexible in terms of representation.

In addition to the logo, Spotmarket designed all of Wayfarma’s stationery and packaging.

More recently, after an adjustment of the brand positioning and business strategy, the main colors were changed to more feminine shades.

Digital Experience

Along with Yomp, Spotmarket designed and developed Wayfarma’s e-commerce technology platform. Based on an Agile development methodology the E-commerce platform has been evolving, constantly introducing improvements and new features.

From the beginning, the project involved specific integrations required for its operation as was the case with the integration with ERP Sifarma.

In addition to the e-commerce project itself, we implemented a price comparison and automation tool (YPrice), based on competitors’ prices, which helps Wayfarma to ensure competitiveness in the market.



Growth and Performance

Bringing a new e-commerce brand to market is always a challenging process that requires investment, time and resources.

Thus the initial focus was to promote the Wayfarma brand and generate traffic to the online store as, with proper tracking, we were creating the most relevant audiences.

At the same time a communication strategy was started on the networks with content adjusted to the brand profile and the target audience.

Within 24 months Wayfarma went from a perfect unknown to an emerging brand in the health and beauty e-commerce sector.

Spotmarket collaborates with Wayfarma in the following Growth and Performance competencies:

  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads (Facebook / Instagram)
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation

Key Results*

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*Period under review: 2022


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