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Mitriki is a Portuguese brand of furniture and decorative objects. More than a laboratory brand, it is a sophisticated, creative and confident brand, with a personal touch and oriented towards the world.

The delicacy and creativity of Mitriki’s products deserved, at the very least, a website that demonstrated the brand’s full potential and was a global “showcase”.

Less is more

Digital Experience

Less is more.

Many times it’s difficult to fulfill this maxim but in this project the focus was precisely that: create a clean, simple website that would bring out the best of Mitriki: the image.

Thereby the website design took into account a simplistic structure and layout that allowed the best framing of images, whether of concepts, processes or products.

Another aspect on which we paid attention was the performance. A website with many images or videos could tend to be heavier, so we took great care with photo compression and minimized the use of plugins, as well as caching. As a result, the website has great performance ratings, which benefits both the experience and its performance in search engines.


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