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Spotmarket has been with Loja da Farmácia since the time it was just a sketch. Creating an E-commerce brand from scratch is always a passionate challenge, but also a great responsibility. Safeguarded by an extremely competent and solid structure from Loja da Farmácia, the path to success and growth was not free of obstacles and doubts, but with commitment and transparency we managed to create a brand that is now recognized in the national market and one of the fastest growing online stores for health, beauty and well-being products in the sector.

Create the foundation of an e-commerce brand


The first phase of the branding process was to define the brand positioning in the market and its naming. Since we’re talking about a multi-brand store, with several players selling the same products, we had some differentiation options such as price, variety or quality of service (customer support, faster deliveries, etc.), not all of which are easy to achieve in a business that’s just starting up.

Initially the term “pharmacy” referred to some fear of associating the store with medications and not so much with the other product categories, which would be the most relevant online. However, we decided to transform this perception risk into something positive, taking a communication line focused on the know-how of the pharmacist and the guarantee and authority they can offer when it comes to health and providing the best advice to the customer.

Thus the name “Pharmacy Store” was born, with all the strength and enhancement of the “Pharmacy” image and with the more than direct clarity that it is an online “store”. Simple, direct and easy to type.

In the same vein, we moved forward with the creation of a simplistic, smooth and direct visual identity. Without pharmacy crosses or big props, we wanted an image that was both understated and delicate, keeping the visual perception in a limbo between health and cosmetics and ensuring some openness and space for new product categories.

Digital Experience

Along with Yomp, Spotmarket designed and developed the E-commerce plataform for Loja da Farmácia. Based on an Agile development methodology, over time we have been evolving and improving the solution, always with great concern for the automation of the store’s operational processes, performance, and user experience.

From the beginning, the project involved specific integrations required for its operation, as was the case with the integration with ERP Sifarma.

Besides the e-commerce project itself, we developed a price comparison and automation tool (YPrice), based on competitors’ prices, which has greatly helped the Pharmacy Store to ensure competitiveness in the market.



Growth and Performance

Helping to scale a business from 0 to 7-figure sales takes time, patience, strategy and a lot of cooperation.

During our collaboration, Loja da Farmácia has grown into a well-recognised brand in the Portuguese market. Fortunately, we are part of this history and we are happy to contribute our know-how to the brand’s growth.

Spotmarket works with Loja da Farmácia on the following marketing and performance competences:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads (Facebook / Instagram)
  • Afilliate Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

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*Period under analysis: 2021 to 2022


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