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Lacatoni, a recognized brand of equipment, clothing and sporting goods, wanted to evolve its catalog website into an E-commerce platform.

One of the assumptions of the project was the need for integration with ERP Sage. Time to market was also important as well as the need to choose a platform that would allow the autonomous management of contents by the Lacatoni’s Marketing and Communication team.

This project represented Lacatoni’s first insertion in the E-commerce sector.

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Digital Experience

Under analysis of Lacatoni’s needs and expectations, we decided together to move forward with the development of the online store in WordPress with Woocommerce. To facilitate the editing of content and elements, we used the Elementor plugin that allows easy editing through drag and drop.

The first phase of the project, after defining the technical requirements, went through the design, together with the Lacatoni team, of the online store.

Special attention was given to the size of the product catalog, which was extensive and with many variations and attributes.

In the meantime, the platform was being parameterized and the process of integration with Sage through web-service with Woocommerce’s REST API began. This was the most complex process and required a lot of iterations, modifications and testing on both sides.

Finally the online store was launched in production with product and order integration. To this day, Spotmarket supports Lacatoni in the maintenance and evolution of their online store.




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