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The IEP Group – Instituto Electotécnico Português – has been providing the market, since 1981, with integrated solutions in the fields of Inspection, Auditing, Testing, Calibrations, Oil and Gas, Environment, Transport, Industry, Health and Services.

With a new image and a new company in the Group, AJL, IEP presented us with the challenge of designing and developing a new website for both companies, in line with the Group’s new image.

2 websites, one graphic line, lots of content.

Digital Experience

Both companies, IEP and AJL, present a huge variety of services. Thus, the first phase of the project consisted of mapping the content structure to define the organization and hierarchies of the different themes, as well as their relationships.

In the second phase, we researched and selected stock images to associate with each business sector, service and markets.

The interface design took into account the rebranding guidelines and care was taken to maintain a common layout between both websites.

In the choice of technology – WordPress – the possibility of the IEP’s internal team being able to, with autonomy and relative ease, edit and add content as needed weighed.



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