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Launch in the furniture market, namely in the sofa and chair segment (seating), a new brand to operate, initially, in the European market, focusing on the markets of Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.

The brand’s products will be marketed through resellers/partners and through its own e-commerce platform.

The brand will bet on a high segment product, high quality, at a lower price, with a concern to achieve timeless designs, in order to increase the life cycle of each product and please a wider audience.

Our challenge was to create a new global brand that was easy to recognize, easy to perceive, and aligned with the values of its target audience.

In short, this new brand had to carry the characteristics of the product and its differentiating values in order to distinguish itself and win its space in a market that was very segregated in terms of players.

Creating Homacy

Brand Strategy and Naming

Finding a name for a brand does not only require creativity. More than in creating the visual identity, “naming” requires a study and a strategy. The final result is just the tip of the iceberg.

The first step was to understand the vision of the company and, from there, identify and define the targets, positioning, values, message and USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We tried to understand how we could attribute a unique identity to the brand, as well as understand where it would fit in the competitive map.

After this study, we started sketching possible names, knowing in advance that we were looking for a suggestive type of name, with global potential. Each idea went through an evaluation of the following parameters: pronunciation, writing, imagery, negative associations, relationship with the product, similarities, domain availability, concept and memorization.

From among some possibilities, the name “HOMACY” resulted. And so a new brand was born.

Visual Identity

After defining the brand strategy and name, the creative design process to arrive at the logo and remaining visual identity ended up developing quite naturally.

The visual representation of Homacy sought to convey the premium, timeless and contemporary positioning of the brand. Spotmarket designed HOMACY’s logo, economat, labels, standards manual and catalog.

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