We want to be the driving force behind a people-centred, technology based and results-oriented approach to marketing.

Our commitment

The world changes at a great speed and at every step new technologies, realities and new challenges appear but also new opportunities. Our goal is to understand the present, anticipate change and use our skills to contribute to an ever better future through design, marketing and communication.

We want to create opportunities, add value and have the best positive impact on people, brands and businesses.


Nelson Sousa spotmarket

Nelson Sousa

Founder / CEO

Vera Freitas spotmarket

Vera Freitas

Account Manager

Daniela spotmarket

Daniela Pacheco

Brand Strategist

Lavinia Otet spotmarket

Lavinia Otet

Performance Marketing Manager

Pedro Sampaio

Performance Marketing Manager

Pedro Costa spotmarket

Pedro Costa

Growth Marketing Manager

Francisco Laranjeira

Web Developer

Inês Madureira spotmarket

Inês Madureira

Lead Designer

Catarina Rodrigues spotmarket

Catarina Rodrigues


Maria Toscano spotmarket

Maria Toscano

Digital Marketing Executive

Claudia Sousa spotmarket

Claudia Sousa

E-commerce Manager

Francisca Silva

SEO Specialist



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